ALBERTO DINI, born in 1909, began his career working for a Florentine company specializing in the import and distribution of exotic food items. Selling sugar was his start, but his real passion became coffee, which in that period was not widely used as a popular drink.

In 1939, at the age of 30, Alberto founded “Dinicaffè” with its headquarters situated in the centre of historic Florence.

In November 1966 Florence was struck by a devastating flood that destroyed a large part of the city along with the offices of Dinicaffè. Alberto did not lose heart, and whilst Florence dug itself out of the flood, he moved the company offices to his home and restarted business by producing coffee with a small roasting mill in nearby Pistoia.

In 1968, Alberto refurbished an old brick kiln into the new and existing company headquarters in via dei Bastioni, situated at the feet of Piazzale Michelangelo.

At the beginning of the 1980’s Alberto introduced his two daughters, Elisabetta and Laura, to the company and they continue to run the family business today.

In 1996 was a very important year regarding the strategic development for the company; in that year DINICAFFE, together with other Italian roasting mills, founded l’Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati (CSC) – Certified Specialty Coffee Association – a consortium formed to guarantee and protect the quality of the coffee products from the very picking of the beans to the roasting and grinding.

In 2009 the daughters of Elisabetta, Serena and Benedetta, joined the company with the goal of continuing the business set up by their grandfather with the same belief and passion.

Quality & Certification

Dinicaffè is a founding member of the Certified Speciality Coffee association, whose role is to certify and enforce the highest quality standards for the entire coffee production cycle. First, a technical committee identifies the best plantations satisfying the standards.

The committee sets the finest quality standards for the coffee plantations and it verifies that the quality of each coffee harvest satisfies those standards.

The verification process is performed by qualified tasters through a complete physical and organoleptic analysis of the coffee harvest.

The same analysis is repeated on samples of each coffee lot during the unloading process. Finally, in order to guarantee the quality of the final product, experts of the CSC verify that all obligations imposed by the production procedures are satisfied by the coffee roasting plants.

As a result of a successful completion of the CSC verification and quality assurance process, a CSC label is applied to the packaging. The label certifies that the content is only Certified Speciality Coffe.

About us

“The historic Florentine roasting has always focused on the absolute quality of the product and the membership of the consortium Certified Specialty Coffee is a further guarantee of reliability and professionalism”

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